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15 East 18th Street Erie, PA   /  Phone: (814) 454- 3865  /  Fax: (814) 455-1485
" We are commited to providing you, our customer, with the very best of service! Including the finest product obtainable, in a prompt and and courteous manner, and provide assistance with our knowledge."
     As we approach 65 years in the business, there is much to show you. 
     We have progressed a long way from our begining, in the shop started by our father in 1947. In those days it was common for repair facillities to do just about everything.  General repair, body work, and cooling system repair just to name a few. Over all cooling system, air conditioning and radiator repair soon became his specialty!
     Although no longer with us today, his spirit still lives on with our commitment to quality product, excellent service and helpful knowledge. We have expanded, serving a five state area while keeping abreast of the latest in new technology. We continue to be a truly "hands-on" family business. 
     Let us show you around! 

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