Radiator Dept.

Man working on his desk - Radiator dept in Erie, PA
Ray Gourley, Larry Platz, Dylan Peters and myself take great pride in what we do here. We pay close attention to detail and employ all of the latest techniques for repair procedures that the industry has to offer. We also continue to seek out every available resource for replacement products when needed. Not only does confidence run high in or abilities, working hard to provide information and solutions is a daily part of our routine. So if you've been a past customer, we appreciate your patronage and hope we met your expectations. If you haven't had a need for our services (we hope you don't), but if you do we are ready, willing, and able to serve you. If you have any questions, please call me at 814 - 454 - 3865 or email me.

Thank You,
Danny Canfield - Radiator Department Manager